International Travel Accident Insurance

The International Institute has partnered with the Office of Risk Management and Compliance (OCRM) to provide robust international travel accident insurance and emergency assistance services for all MSU travelers. The insurance, along with travel planning resources, is provided through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).

Assessing Travel Risk (Pre-trip)

Assessing specific risks associated with your destination before travel is important for a safe and enjoyable international travel experience. To stay informed, travelers should stay engaged with current events and take advantage of pre-trip travel resources, two key resources including:

State Department Travel Advisories: These provide current safety and security information for countries worldwide, advising on risks like crime, health issues, and natural disasters.

Travel Eye Risk Dashboard: Offered by our travel assistance provider, this tool gives real-time insights into global risks, including political unrest and health emergencies.


Employee Enrollment 

All Faculty and Staff are automatically enrolled in the travel accident insurance program when their Concur travel request receives final approval. An insurance card and policy information will be emailed to travelers approximately three weeks prior to their departure. The cost of employee international travel accident insurance is provided by the International Institute.

If a consulate letter showing proof of insurance is required to obtain a visa, email Eric Wilder,, once the travel has been approved by the department head or dean and attach a copy of the Concur travel request.

All international travel must comply with MSU’s International Travel Procedures and Travel Guidelines


Summary of Coverages and Limits*

  • Medical Expenses                           $250,000
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation    $250,000 
  • Security Evacuation                        $100,000
  • Emergency Medical Reunion         $5,000/$500 Per Day
  • Trip Cancellation                             $5,000 
  • Trip Delay                                         $2,500/$500 Per Day 
  • Trip Interruption                             $2,500
  • Quarantine                                      $2,000 

*See full policy brochure for details. Exclusions and limitations apply.  Arranged insurance coverage is subject to all the terms and conditions of the policy. It is your responsibility to understand the limitations and exclusions that may apply. The University is not responsible for any cost incurred by a traveler which is not paid or reimbursed by the travel accident insurance carrier or allowed under the University's travel guidelines. Coverage will not apply when a traveler is within their Home Country.

Non-Eligible Travel

Students and employees traveling for leisure or other non-affiliated travel are not eligible to participate in the University's international travel accident insurance. However, the coverage arranged by the University includes up to a total of 14 days for sojourn(s) (that is, personal travel) taken immediately before, during, or after the University-related travel. 

Personal travel accident insurance may be purchased directly from CISI or other insurance providers. 

For personal travel University employees enrolled in MSU offered health insurance plans may take advantage of travel and emergency assistance service, including: 

  •  The Minnesota Life Insurance benefit that is provided to employees includes a Travel Assistance service with emergency medical and security evacuation coverage.
  •   BlueCrossBlueShield Global Core is available as well to employees. You can find more information on the BCBS Core program here.

Other Insurance 

International travel accident insurance, such as the coverage arranged by MSU for our travelers, is not primary health insurance. The coverage is accident and sickness insurance; it does not cover routine care. If ongoing treatment or counseling is required for a pre-existing condition throughout your time abroad, you should speak to your domestic insurance provider to ascertain benefits and any need for supplemental coverage.

If you have a pre-existing condition that will require routine medical attention while abroad, plan well in advance to ensure you 1) will have adequate access to the necessary treatment; and 2) understand pre-pay requirements and out-of-pocket costs. The university cannot guarantee payment of any claims.

Travel and Emergency Assistance Services 

In the case of a SERIOUS injury or illness - For all emergencies, seek help without delay at the nearest facility. The facility will most likely request a copy of your participant ID card with insurance and travel services contact information. 

After admittance, you or fellow travelers may also notify AXA Assistance to open up a case (24/7/365). CISI and AXA Assistance will work with the hospital or facility to bill them directly. If personal payment has already been processed, CISI can expedite reimbursement. AXA Assistance is also able to guarantee/make payments when necessary for other medical treatment. 

Team Assist (24/7/365) – AXA Assistance
Phone: US: (855) 327-1411 | Int: (312) 935-1703
ID# GLM N18660222-ENR

AXA Assistance can also assist with the following services: 

  • Credit Card/Passport/Important Document Replacement: AXA will assist in the replacement of any lost or stolen important document such as a credit card, passport, visa, medical record, etc., and have the documents delivered or picked up at the nearest embassy or consulate.
  • Prescription Drug Replacement/Shipment: Assistance will be provided in replacing lost, misplaced, or forgotten medication by locating a supplier of the same medication or by arranging for the shipment of the medication as soon as possible.
  • Worldwide Inoculation Information: Information will be provided if requested by an Insured for all required inoculations relative to the area of the world being visited as well as any other pertinent medical information.
  • Obtaining Emergency Cash: AXA will advise how to obtain or send emergency funds worldwide.
  • Traveler Check Replacement Assistance: The AXA will assist in obtaining replacements for lost or stolen traveler checks from any company, i.e., Visa, Master Card, Cooks, American Express, etc., worldwide.
  • Lost/Delayed Luggage Tracing: The AXA will assist the Insured whose baggage is lost, stolen or delayed while traveling on a common carrier. 
  • See the Policy Brochure for all services.

Claim Process 

In the case of a MINOR injury or illness, CISI recommends the traveler be prepared to pay for doctor visits for minor illnesses such as a sore throat or a sinus infection. Present your card to your medical provider at the time of service. 

If the overseas doctor is willing to bill CISI/AXA directly, they are willing and able to pay them directly for covered medical expenses. Foreign providers can contact your assistance team (AXA Assistance) toll-free to verify eligibility and/or benefits 24/7/365. If they prefer to have you pay for any medical services, medicines, or equipment out-of-pocket at the time of your visit, hold onto all documents, bills, and receipts and submit them along with a claim form to CISI for reimbursement.

CISI Claims Department (9-5 EST, M-F)
Phone: (800) 303-8120 (toll-free) | (203) 399-5130

In addition to reporting claims to CISI, all employee accidents resulting in an injury or illness must also be reported to Human Resources to comply with State workers' compensation requirements.