Incident Reporting & Liability Claims

When an injury occurs, the first priority is taking care of immediate medical needs.  For emergencies call 911 or MSU Police:  662-325-2121 

Use the Incident Reporting & Liability Claim form below to report all incidents that resulted in an injury or property damage or had the potential to cause an injury on University property or at a University activity or event.  (For auto accidents involving University vehicles or that occurred during University travel, use the Auto Accident Report form.)

Incident Reporting & Liability Claim Form

Auto Accident Report Form

Faculty, Staff, Graduate Assistants, Student Worker Injuries

All employees reporting a work-related incident or injury involving an MSU employee should follow the protocol outlined on the Workers Compensation webpage.

MSU Worker's Compensation 

Incident Report

The Incident Reporting & Liability Claim Form should be completed by staff of the MSU department that experienced or has been made aware of an incident that resulted in or may have resulted in, an injury to a student, participant, or members of the general public (non-employees). If an incident resulted in major injuries or a medical emergency please contact the Office of Compliance and Risk Management at 662-325-6820 as soon as possible.

Incident Reporting & Liability Claim Form

Liability Claim

Students, participants, or members of the general public should complete the reporting form to notify the University of their intention to make a liability claim for injuries or property damage.  

EHS, OCRM, or the University's claim administrator (AmFed) will respond to all reports. 

Incident Reporting & Liability Claim Form

For questions or additional information, please contact Eric Wilder at or 662-325-6820.