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OCRM & EH&S Workshops

OCRM & EH&S Workshops

Risk Management 101

Risk Management 101 training for University Staff is a comprehensive program offered by the Office of Risk Management and Compliance. This 1-hour training covers essential aspects of risk management, including risk identification, risk analysis, risk mitigation (safety), and risk financing (insurance). The program will provide an overview of the importance of risk management in a department's daily operations and share good practices for managing risks to protect the University from potential losses. Participants will also learn about the University's insurance policies and procedures for filing insurance claims and reporting incidents. This program is a must-attend for all University staff who want a better understanding of risk management and reporting procedures.

Accident Investigation & Prevention Awareness

In this awareness-focused class, participants explore the purpose of accident investigations and learn the importance of promptly reporting accidents and injuries. With a strong emphasis on accident prevention, attendees gain the knowledge, skills, and proactive mindset needed to recognize and mitigate risks effectively, thus contributing to a safer workplace environment.

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