Property Claim Reporting Procedures

The Office of Compliance and Risk Management (OCRM) has established the following procedures to assist departments in recovering from property damage and receiving reimbursement (subject to University deductible) for such damages. If you become aware of the damage, please follow the property reporting procedures below to report potential damage to OCRM. OCRM will coordinate the appropriate loss control investigations and work with the University’s insurance carrier to recover the maximum reimbursements for the University and your department.

Property Loss Reporting Procedures

  • Contact your building managers/operators, call Facilities Management (or your designated maintenance staff) for any losses that require immediate professional action, such as flowing water from busted pipes, water damage, collapsed ceiling, etc., at 662-325-2005 (7 am – 5 pm) and the MSU Police after hours at 662-325-2121. Other non-immediate work orders should be submitted using normal procedures.
  • Take immediate action to prevent injury or additional property damage if safe to do so, such as shutting off the power, moving valuable equipment, and covering equipment beneath leaks.
  • Take detailed videos and/or photographs of all damage in your department’s facilities; and, if known and safely accessible, also take photographs of the source of the damage (such as a broken water pipe).
  • Secure any material, equipment, or parts that might be a possible cause of the loss for future inspection by OCRM. 
  • Damaged property or equipment must not be discarded unless approved by OCRM staff to ensure OCRM and the insurance carrier can complete adequate inspections for loss measurement or salvage.
  • Building damage should be reported by Facility Management of designated building management staff. Any damage to equipment or contents should be reported by the impacted department.
  • Failure to report a claim timely could result in denial of the claim or a reduction in the recoverable claim cost.

All losses must be reported to OCRM via the Online Property Claim Form as soon as possible. 

If your claim includes damaged equipment/contents, please review the additional procedures:

  • Submit a Damaged Property Contents/Equipment Spreadsheet(s)
  • Do not attempt to operate any equipment that you suspect has been damaged by water until the item is inspected by the manufacture or a repair company.
  • Do not dispose of any damaged equipment, reusable items, furniture, or movable property as they may be required for inspection by the insurance adjuster.
  • Consumables or supply items that cannot be dried or cleaned may be discarded after photos are taken and inventoried on the damaged property spreadsheet.
  • You may request a damage inspection/assessment of your equipment by the manufacturer or a repair company. 
  • After all information has been submitted to the OCRM and insurance carrier, it will be evaluated to determine the amount that will be reimbursed towards damage.
  • Please be advised that damaged items should be repaired unless the cost to replace the item is less, at which point it may be replaced with an item of like, kind, and quality. Any upgrades will be the responsibility of the department.

All claim reimbursements to departments will be assigned a portion of the University’s deductible based on a percentage of total losses for the occurrence. Thus, your departmental reimbursement will not be known until all losses are reported and adjusted.

For questions or additional information, please contact Eric Wilder at or 662-325-6820.