Property Insurance

MSU buildings and contents are insured through a system-wide IHL policy. In an effort to distribute the cost equitably across campus, insurance premiums are charged to each department based on the buildings and areas they occupy. Each year, the Insurance office with the assistance of Property Management, will compile a list of MSU buildings and compare it against the list of the insurance carrier. Business managers or department heads will be asked to verify that the buildings and FOAPALs assigned to them are correct and to make sure that any new buildings or recently constructed buildings have been added to the inventory. Each department’s inventory will change as building uses change between departments, new construction is erected, and older buildings are torn down.

Addition of New Construction

As new buildings are built, they will need to be added to the insurance roster to ensure that they are covered for loss. This should be done as soon as the construction company signs the building back over to MSU at the completion of the work project. Our insurer requires that the following information be complied and sent to them to bind property coverage. Property Addition Form

Note: Buildings with a total insurable value of less than $100,000 are not included in property insurance. These buildings are considered self-insured.

Property Insurance Addition Form

Filing a Claim

In order to file a claim, please contact the insurance office as quickly as possible so that the appropriate investigation can begin.

Property Claim Reporting Procedures


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