Workplace Injury (Workers' Compensation)

Employees must report work-related injuries to their supervisor or other person designated by your department as soon as possible but no later than one business day after an injury. 

Supervisors or designated staff must report all work-related injuries to the Office of Compliance and Risk Management (OCRM) using the online reporting form at the link below on the same business day notification of an injury is received. Reporting a work-related injury also starts the Worker's Compensation claims process with Human Resource Management (HRM). For more information, visit HRM's Worker Compensation webpage.

First Report of Workplace Injury Form

If there is an accident, illness, or injury that results in or may result in death, serious injury, or injury that requires hospitalization, the incident must be reported by telephone immediately at 662-325-6820. 

EH&S, in coordination with the injured person and the supervisor, will commence an investigation upon receiving the First Report of Injury. Investigating an incident’s underlying or root causes is necessary to understand why an incident occurred in order to develop truly effective corrective actions and to minimize or eliminate serious consequences from similar future incidents.